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Fuel Saving Tips

Proper Accelleration

Many suggest wimpy 'egg on the pedal' acceleration as best for mileage but it ain't so. Internal combustion engines do the most work for the quantity of fuel burned at the top of their torque curve. So push the pedal firmly allowing the engine to get up the curve. If you have an instant MPG indication in your car it will read a horribly low number but that's OK for those few seconds it takes to get up to speed. In this way you will also: 1) Get into higher gears more quickly, especially overdrive, where your mileage is best. 2) Get traffic moving behind you thus letting more cars through a light and saving others fuel as well. You know you are pushing the pedal too hard though if you spin your tires or see the tachometer near the red line!

posted by DrFranken on December 1, 2008

this tip works for 84% of voting Fuelly members.

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