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Fuel Saving Tips

Coasting does help

When coasting, kick your manual (not auto) into neutral, well in advance of slow traffic. You'll maintain speed and use little fuel. If you may be stopping, downshift, and you'll save slightly more fuel (as your injectors turn off), but slow down quicker. Occasionally I have to commute 70 miles. I climb 2 hills and see as much as 1 MPG trip improvement, per the scangauge, by coasting. It also gains momentum for the next hill. (They are steep hills, for a freeway.) It is counter-intuitive, but the gauge doesn't lie. Oh, and after driving it 130K, the Neon still has its original brakes.

posted by mperry on July 20, 2015

this tip works for 58% of voting Fuelly members.

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