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Fuel Saving Tips

Monitor using L/100km rather than MPG

MPG is not a good indication of efficiency. Going from 10 MPG to 20 MPG is a bigger improvement than going from 50 MPG to 1000 (thousand) MPG. Can't believe it? Let's convert it to L/100km. 10 MPG is 23.5 L/100km, 20 MPG is 11.7 L/100km. The difference is -11.8 L/100km. That's huge. 50 MPG is 4.7 L/100km, 1000 MPG is 0.24 L/100km, the difference is only -4.46 L/100km.

posted by Cinon on June 9, 2015

this tip works for 20% of voting Fuelly members.

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