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Fuel Saving Tips

Know your shift points

I have 2 w-body GM cars 1 with 3400 and 1 3800 n/a. So here is what I do: In short: 1. Accelerate slowly 2. Know your shift points and stay near the shift. 3. Don't speed (why it doesn't save time really) In long: 1. Accelerate slowly usually 1500 RPM or so (I know it upsets some people BUT in the day to day city driving [and highway] I always catch up to those who pass me) 2. Know your transmission. If I am at 40-45 mph in my 2004 Grand Prix GT1 (3800 engine), It will shift around there and keep the RPMs around 1000-1200 to maintain that speed which is great for most driving in city. Try to keep your speed need where your transmission shifted but beware going up hills will cause it to down shift and RPM go up so play with it. 3. No need to speed! Unless you want to save 30 seconds or so (usually less) Why speed? I have always seen people accelerate past me only to catch up to them at a light or pass them as the turn into their neighborhood. Take it easy! The time you save is negligible. Your car will love you more with less maintainence and better MPG

posted by dickawg on October 12, 2014

this tip works for 77% of voting Fuelly members.

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