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Fuel Saving Tips

want good FE? I want to help

1. I have found that cars get better mileage on better fuel. For instance keep track of different gas companies and what you get from them. For instance: my 2004 Ford Taurus gets better mileage from Shell or Cenex or BP vs some mom and pop stations. Just cause its cheaper don't mean its good gas! These name brand places also tend to use detergents and additives to help with engine cleanliness with prolonged usage. 2. If you can afford it and your car has less than 100,000 miles on it switch to synthetic oils. Less friction in engine/ transmission = longer life and better fuel economy. 3. If planning a longer trip, drive part of it while sun is down. You will achieve better mileage for several reasons: less traffic set your speed n go. And you will have a cooler engine and you may not have to use the AC as much. 4. Always fill your tank. If you live in the north like I do, in winter you never know what could happen when weather is bad. Better to have fuel and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Less chance of a freeze up from watered fuel (cheapskate stations) and you keep your fuel pump cool and save money on repairs! Expensive ones! Gas tank levels of less than 1/4 is playing with fire especially with older and higher milage vehicles. 4. Read these tips here on this page! I've probably gained a couple miles in overall economy by listening and finding what works! ;) and it has made me a better and more patient driver and more responsible. 5. If you're patient you can save fuel by paying attention to, AND driving speed limits! I do almost 100% of the time and I see about a 2mpg difference. Think about it: if you drive 60 instead of the posted 55 how much time are you really going to gain huh? 5 mins? Plus, you won't need to romp on the gas to pass eevery time you turn around. I get passed all the time and I usually see them at the next light anyways. Don't be impatient. If someone is driving the limit: simply re set your cruise and it won't be an issue. 5. When you see the 1/5 mile slow down speed sign, coast to new speed limit and reset cruise. Even if youre a little early.Speed limits start AT the sign, you'll optimize how much brakes are used and you avoid damage to your driving record and insurance premiums ;)

posted by hylander89 on September 21, 2014

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