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Fuel Saving Tips

How to get the most torque , and best MPG from a DIESEL motor.

When travelling on the Motorway class roads, use your Cruise Control, but set it 5km under the posted speed limit, and when approaching the valley of a long climb, (say 50 - 100m before the lowest part) let the cruise determine the amount of fuel to give the engine. As the engine will 'Sense' the amount of Incline, as it is coming out of the flat and approaching the hill, it will give just enough fuel to maintain the speed at the speed set (say 90 km/hr). After the Car has topped out at the flat, then you can take the cruise up to say 100Km/hr (if it is Daytime and clear weather with no traffic). Check your engine specifications, you will be surprised, that the torque curve is not flat over the RPM Range from Idle to Maximum Torque (1250 for Some Diesels), and then declines again as RPMs increase from 1250 to redline.

posted by CobourgVeeDubYah on August 29, 2014

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