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Fuel Saving Tips

AeroStang wants to help- Master Fuel Tips

I often find strange and abstract ideas on here, from extremes like not using stop signs, to simply keeping the fuel tank empty to half full. In my 2012 Mustang, 305 hp (before intake and exhaust) 3.7 liter, I routinely get 37+ mpg in my car. And I want to help you maximize your fuel economy, too. Some of these tips will have major gains, others will just help a bit. |||||To just save fuel: -Drive less! Carpool, bike, walk, move closer to work, take the bus. |||||To make driving more efficient: -Clean out the junk in your car. True, 5 lbs isn't much on one tank, but when you spend six years carrying those extra pounds, it DOES add up. -When possible, drive with lighter traffic (times of day, or path). Less cars on the road means easier to time lights, and use other FE techniques. -Take a path that minimizes side winds and head on winds. -Don't idle excessively! Instead of a drive through, train waits, or construction stops, turn your engine off. 30 seconds idling uses 150-400% the amount of fuel to start the engine, depending on engine size. Over 30? Park it! -Time your lights! What would happen if you needed less fuel to get going? And didn't waste your momentum? And got stuck at less lights? You'd be getting much better MPGs. -Windows up w/ Electric fan. Although electricity use makes the alternator work harder, the drag from windows is worse. -"Drive without brakes" is safe in the sense of planning your fuel use. If you are coming to a stop sign, |||||General Tips: -Use a gauge or instrument to see real world FE. You have to know what works and doesn't. -Track your fuel economy, how do you know your getting better or something works if you don't keep track? -Leave early! If you rush, you won't be focusing on FE. -Fill up in cooler weather (like night), as fuel is measured by volume, so filling up at night gets you more fuel for less.

posted by FazerThou on June 19, 2013

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