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Fuel Saving Tips

Find your "true" city/highway driving splits!

According to the EPA test cycle average speeds of 21 MPH for the city cycle, and 48 MPH for the highway cycle. If your car has a menu display for average speed, reset it when you fill up. At your next fill up, record the average speed for the tank, and use it to find your "true" city/hwy driving splits in the following formulas: Percentage of Highway Driving = 100*(AVG SPD - CITY)/(48 - 21) Percentage of City Driving = 100(1-(Calculated HWY%)). Any average speed under 21 MPH is 100% city, and anything over 48 MPH is 100% highway driving. For example: If at your next fill up, your average speed is 35 MPH, your city/hwy splits using the formula above are: 52% hwy, 48% city driving. Repeating this at each fill up allows you to compare your driving on Fuelly directly to the EPA estimates, rather than guesstimating your city/hwy splits. It also gives you much more consistent results than guessing does.

posted by cougar435788 on January 27, 2013

this tip works for 86% of voting Fuelly members.

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