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Fuel Saving Tips

Better MPG Calculation

To have a better, more consistent MPG calculation, Fuel Up and calculate MPG after using most of the tank. That way, little variations in how high you fill up the tank will matter less. For example, if the way you fill a tank varies up to 1/2 gallon (sometimes to the top and sometimes not), then that variation matters less when filling up at 15 gallons (1/2 gallon of 15 gallons is about 3% variation) than if doing a partial fuel up of say 8 gallons (where 1/2 gallon of 8 gallons is about 6% variation). In other words, making the variation in fuel ups as low as possible helps get a more accurate read of MPG.

posted by AMS13 on October 10, 2012

this tip works for 91% of voting Fuelly members.

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