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Fuel Saving Tips

It's how you drive, not what you drive

In most cases, it's the way you drive that will affect your L/100KM reading. To try and get this number as low as possible (or high as possible if using MPG) is to always go easy and leave with plenty of time. If you are late, you will nearly always drive more aggressively, using more petrol and also wearing out car components quicker. I have also picked up that in lower torque cars, do not always change as early as possible, the engine will struggle and you will end up using more petrol if it is not a modern computer controller engine (because you put your foot further down). Also, don't assume that the slower the speed - the closer you get to being more efficient. I worked out (using my university's automotive engineering department equipment) that the most efficient speed for my car is 89.7 km/h I hope these help ;-)

posted by carlosbutler on October 9, 2010

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