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Fuel Saving Tips

Drive between the speed limit and 5 mph under

Driving at or slightly below the speed limit in suburban areas has a number of benefits. The reason I add slightly below the limit is because unless you stare at the speedometer constantly, you can't stay exactly at the limit all the time. The 5 mph range gives you room to vary your speed a bit. The benefits? Less gas spent accelerating, less energy wasted via braking, less time spent sitting still, a more comfortable ride, easier to decide whether or not to stop on yellow and less wear on your brakes, tires, engine and drivetrain. Sadly tailgating becomes an issue when employing this driving style. It's distracting and even a bit scary sometimes when someone is following you too closely. You can adjust your mirrors so that you can't see tailgaters directly which will allow you to concentrate more on the road ahead and remain calm. ALWAYS STAY TO THE RIGHT.

posted by i90east on September 27, 2010

this tip works for 38% of voting Fuelly members.

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