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Where you circulate the air counts

Many people know that the common defroster settings of windshield and floor/windshield automatically turns on the A/C which of course decreases economy. However, depending on the vehicle, having all of the air come out of the bottom of the dash with the floor setting also activates the A/C. Your owners many indicate this (it does in the Ford manuals I've read over time). If it doesn't mention this, you can test yourself. At night, with the car running and the A/C button off (if equipped), have your lights on with the air coming out of the front panels, then switch to the floor setting. If the A/C comes on your RPM's should drop and should lights dim for a moment within about 10-30 seconds after switching. You may have been paying for years a helpful service you did not want...

posted by boilermaker2 on September 11, 2010

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