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different types of fuel

there are many different types of fuel. and not all are the same. vehicles are design to run on certain types. the type of fuels that are the most trouble with vehicles today are those that are quote on quote bio. e-10 fuel for gas. it breaks down rapidly. e standing for ethanol and 10 for the percent. here in jersey thats all you get. it breaks down rapidly due to the fact its from a plant of some kind. plants do carry water, bateria, and whatever else there is to sustain life. if you go through gas often the chances are there wont be a problem. but if your tank last awhile, breakdown of the fuel happens. wich robs performance and fuel economy. especially in older vehicles. they do make additive to help it. startron is a great product and stabil does make a version. is blue in color. and ment to use while driving. older boat people know this if they have fiberglass tanks. cause it actually delaminates the tank and start to grow a fungus like goo in the fuel lines. i use about an half ounce to an ounce a week in my truck unless im gonna drive it til empty on a single trip. in my motorcycles wich are carbed, i use ounce every fill up. and it is extremely noticable in those vehicles. these are the only additives i recomend. now for diesel. ultra low sulfur fuels and bio. no matter what you perfer, bio will be in all fuels by 1 percent unless buying bio. bio does break down really fast. here where im in the north east, bio should be only 5 percent. winters are tough and it does freeze fast. extreme breakdowns wich makes me tons of money. as diesels owners know winter is tough no matter what. there are plenty of diesel additive companies out there. please only buy to true good stuff. buying some cheap additive isnt good. its a witches brew you have no idea whats in it. in warm weather just an additve will do, but in the winter. only buy an additive that it soul purpose is to take care of a certain issue. there is so much going on in a modern diesel engine unless you know how it actually works you will cause extreme and expensive damage. remember, just drive safely.

posted by njsurferlarry on August 15, 2010

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