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Give 'er sometimes

Don't forget, if you have a turbo, it is different from a regular engine. Easy ways to kill it= 1. run hard and hot then shut off. -ie. pulling off a highway, let it idle for about 1-2 minutes to cool the turbo. this will prevent the oil from baking at the 1000 degrees or higher temps. 2. always drive slow and shift low. - believe it or not a turbo doesn't like to be babied all of the time. Once a month, or a little more, take it to the highway and go full throttle. *only do this after car has gotten up to running temp* This clears the build up of soot and unburned gasses. (pay attention diesels) Granny driving 100% of the time can kill a turbo. 3. drive hard when cold. - a turbo will last much longer if you drive gentle when it's cold, until the oil is warm and flows better. 4. let the car fully warm up when cold out. - cold idle will take years off of any engines life. Idle only long enough to defog windows. (safety first) Of course there are many other ways to kill your engine quickly, but these are some of the things I find people just don't know. Happy driving.

posted by bwcomputers on May 13, 2010

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