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Fuel Saving Tips

Install a vacuum gauge

Vacuum gauge is a manifold pressure measuring unit and can be use to monitor fuel consumption. More pressure is more economical. When accelerating, driver can monitor his/her acceleration is in Fair (5 to 10kpa) or Good (10 to 17kpa) needle range to get best of the fuel economy. If driver doing such rapid acceleration, the vacuum gauge reading may at 0 to 5 kpa which is very bad for fuel economy. So, it's important to keep needle at higher number whenever possible. Moreover, vacuum gauge also can give basic condition of your engine health. At idle RPM, the needle should be at 27 to 54 kpa. If the needle stays low at idle speedm, it may indicare that there's a liaking vacuum hose, worn valves or even incorrent ignition timing(knocking).

posted by SeNnDoh on March 7, 2010

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