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Fuel Saving Tips


..i think some of these have been mentioned before, but as a reminder: 1) back-in when parking: your engine is warm & more efficient, so once your reach a destination, back in to a parking place (if necessary).. 2) drive thru into a parking spot: if there's no parking curb, pull through the parking spot so that you exit without having to back stores are key places for this..just be sure to check both ways (twice!) when you leave.. 3) at home, back in: once you arrive home, you might as well back into your driveway (always)/garage (if feasible)..your car is warm once you arrive home, so backing up isn't as much of a, when you exit in the morning with a cold engine, you actually save gas, since the vehicle will move on its own (essentially..due to engine torque ??).. 4) avoid warm-ups: other threads (in Tips or the Fuelly Forum) note that most modern cars don't need 'warm-up', you can start-&-go..moving also heats your engine (& your interior) faster, so there's less need for heaters & such.. just some idears/reminders>> --c.

posted by cee on February 8, 2010

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