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Speed dosn't kill, its the sudden stop...

OK now that I got your attention... Its popular belief, that to save fuel, the slower you drive the better. And doing this, saves fuel. Not so fast. I've noticed that I tend to drive within 5 MPH, above the speed limit. But 80% traffic is still trying to get around me. The only time I go significantly over the speed limit, is when I encounter, an a sleep 55 MPH (or slower) driver, in the fast lane, in a 65 MPH zone. He/she thinks, 55 is fast enough, and that everyone should slow down to save fuel. However, the end result is, I sped up, to over take them, and use more fuel. With everyone else doing this, this results in ultimately, more fuel being used (By the driving public). Beside the more likely accidents, from all the chaos, that the traffic impeders causes. If slow pokes, used the slow lane, I suspect that the overall speeds, would slow down, AND LESS FUEL WOULD BE USED. So please, if you want to drive slower than the posted speed limit, use the slow lane, or pull over into the, pull-out lane, to allow faster traffic by...

posted by ICantDriveFiftyFive on December 27, 2009

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