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Fuel Saving Tips

Do many of these tips really save you money?

Many of these tips are not really "tips". It appears to me that a lot of these people do not know what they are doing and how cars are suppose to run. Doing something bad to the car to make ur mpg better now can mean big bucks later in the year when the car breaks down because of what you were doing to save mpg. Lets take this into consideration, the tip that says use a smaller vehicle such as a motorcycle. I did that.. if i used my car i would have paid 100 extra bucks maximum for gas but with my bike, there is insurance, there is taxes for plates, there is maintenance, there are tons of things that i never considered so me getting that bike for 15 mpg extra compared to my car sent me 700-800 bucks deeper in the hole and thats not even adding the price of the motorcycle. I say "thanks but no thanks"

posted by Triple88a on August 28, 2009

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