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Fuel Saving Tips

Drive to the engine & ECUs strengths

In a car with a small rev-happy engine it may be more fuel efficient to accelerate briskly in a lower gear than change up earlier. This enables the ECU to get into a more fuel efficient state quicker. This will depend a lot on how intelligent & active your engines ECU is & how it is mapped. This works because small engines have low torque levels, keeping the car in a high gear for the road speed then puts a high load on the engine, this requires a lot of air & fuel. If you let the engine rev on in a lower gear the engine load is lower requiring the same or a little more fuel per second to accelerate to the cruising speed, but you achieve your cruising speed more quickly. This enables the engine to get into its more efficient cruising state of operation quicker using less fuel over all.

posted by techathy on August 16, 2009

this tip works for 93% of voting Fuelly members.

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