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Here's a new one... !!!

I'm sure that no one has thought about this, and maybe I'm crazy for suggesting it, but I believe that a waxed car actually uses a little less gas than an otherwise-clean but unwaxed one! Why? Well, I keep thinking wind resistance, which is a major factor at highway speeds, so much so that most people suggest driving at 55 instead of 65 will use less gas because of less wind resistance. Well, using that logic, wouldn't it follow that a waxed car actually offers less wind resistance than an unwaxed one? Put a cloth on a newly-waxed car's hood and watch it slide off. Try the same thing with an unwaxed car - it stays put! What does everyone think? Am I crazy? Or am I the next Einstein??? Be kind to us animals in your critiques and comments please! :)

posted by ymiheere on July 6, 2009

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